Stover Scholars to Present Constitution Day Celebration Program

Stover Scholars to Present Constitution Day Celebration Program

To celebrate Constitution Day, the Stover Scholars at Waynesburg University will present “Bread, Bakers and the Constitution” Monday, Sept. 17, at noon. The performance will be held in the Goodwin Performing Arts Center. Admission is free, and the public is cordially invited to attend.

Written by two Waynesburg University Stover Scholars, Chase Ayers and Daniel Czajkowski, “Bread, Bakers and the Constitution” portrays the constitutional context and legal debates surrounding the landmark 1905 U.S. Supreme Court case, Lochner v. New York. This case struck down New York’s statutory limitation on baker hours. The case raises the enduring structural constitutional issues of federalism, judicial review and the extent of government regulation of the economy and commerce. Professor Edward L. Powers, associate professor of theatre at Waynesburg University, will direct the play.

According to Dr. Lawrence M. Stratton, director of the Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership and Assistant Professor of Ethics and Constitutional Law, “With their dramatic portrayal of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1905 Lochner case, the Stover Scholars will demonstrate the importance of protecting our liberties which are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and the ongoing relevance of judicial and constitutional decision-making to the lives of all Americans.”

The Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership is committed to creatively transforming the polis, bringing insights from the U.S. Constitution’s Founding Era and Christianity to bear in the contemporary public square.

The cast list includes:

  • Mr. Frank Harvey Field: Patrick Kopas, a junior sociology (pre-law) major from Fairchance (Albert Gallatin High School)
  • Mr. Henry Weismann: Rachael Sinis, a freshman with an undeclared major from Yorba Linda, Calif. (Parkview School)
  • Mr. Julius M. Mayer: J.R. Kautz, a freshman business administration major from Marianna (Bethlehem-Center High School)
  • Mr. Chief Justice Melville Fuller: Gina Robinson, a sophomore English/secondary education (literature) major from Lower Burrell (St. Joseph High School)
  • Mr. Justice Rufus Peckham: Daniel Czajkowski, a junior criminal justice administration major from Frederick, Md. (Spencerville Adventist Academy)
  • Mr. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.: Chase Ayers, a sophomore sociology (pre-law) major from Charleroi (Charleroi High School)
  • Mr. Justice William R. Day: Parker Kantos, a freshman sociology (pre-law) major from Waupaca, Wis. (Waupaca High School)
  • Mr. Justice John M. Harlan: Anthony Cooper, a senior sociology (pre-law) major from Lewisburg (Lewisburg High School)
  • Mr. Justice David J. Brewer: Jonathan Waldon, a senior sociology (political science) major from Carmel, Ind. (Carmel High School)
  • Mr. Justice Edward D. White: Mollie Pugh, a junior history/secondary education (citizenship) major from Baltimore, Md. (Kenwood High School)
  • Mr. Justice Henry B. Brown and Mr. Justice Joseph McKenna: Daniel Buzzard, a junior history/secondary education (citizenship) major from New Bethlehem (Redbank Valley High School)
  • James Madison: Zander Shashura, a junior business management major from Fredericktown (Bethlehem-Center High School)
  • Joseph Lochner: Colin Phillips, a sophomore history major from Bexley, Ohio (Bexley High School)
  • Aman Schmitter: Jeremy Hinkle, a sophomore history major from Canonsburg (Canon-McMillan High School)
  • Narrator: Nika Anschuetz, a freshman communication major from Pittsburgh (Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School)