Profile of Scholars

The Stover Program attracts exceptional individuals who are able, ambitious, and eager to have a positive and transformative impact on the world around them.

Emily Barker

Mt. Sterling, OH
Criminal Justice

I am a sophomore criminal justice student at Waynesburg University, and I hope to attend law school after graduating with my bachelor’s. I wish to pursue a career in criminal law. I am involved in the Student Senate, the Criminal Justice Club, and Upper Room on campus.

Being a Stover Scholar is a highlight of my experience at Waynesburg University. I have learned so much through this program, had so many unforgettable experiences, and made lifelong friends. With its focus on constitutional studies and moral leadership, the Stover Program allows me to hear from some of the top political, economic, and theological minds in America. The opportunities, experiences, and connections the Stover Program has to offer are unmatched. The Stover Program is truly something special, and I am blessed to be a Stover Scholar.

Kaylee Boll

Lancaster, PA

Kaylee Boll was raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Manheim Township High School in June of 2021. During her high school years, Kaylee was a board member for her school’s Key Club, a member of National Honor Society, and a Link Crew Leader while also being an active member in her youth group at Erb Mennonite Church.

As a junior at Waynesburg University, Kaylee will be pursuing a degree in nursing while also minoring in Biblical ministries and studies. During her freshman and sophomore years, Kaylee was an active member of the Student Senate, and will continue to be a Student Senator during her junior year. Kaylee served as a Campus Ministry Assistant (CMA) during the 2022-23 school year and will continue in her role as a CMA during her junior year.

Alexander Canestraro

Wheeling, WV
Political Science

My name is Alex Canestraro and I am a political science major from Wheeling, West Virginia. At Waynesburg University I am also a member of the men’s soccer team.

Waynesburg University and the Stover Program have helped me in many ways so far in my academic journey. This includes gaining valuable insights that I will use for the rest of my career, and also by helping guide me in my faith.

Joshua Defries

Buffalo, NY
Computer Science

Joshua DeFries is a sophomore computer science major from Buffalo NY. In high school Josh was an active participant in Rocket Club as while as running track and cross country. Josh also took the STEM track at his high school taking a heavy course load in both math, science, and technology. Josh is currently the president of computer science club at Waynesburg, as well as the captain of the new Waynesburg Esports Chess team, and secretary of student senate.

Kristie Faber

Pittsburgh, PA

I am a sophomore Business major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am extremely honored to be a Stover Scholar, where I can grow as well as help others grow academically and socially in the study of the Constitution and moral leadership.

During high school, I was very active in my school’s music department and have continued music at Waynesburg being a member of the Upper Room team. I am also an active participant in Waynesburg University’s Student Senate, Business Club, and Honors Program my freshman year. This coming school year I have the privilege of being a Resident Mentor where I will strive to make students feel safe and welcome on campus. I am so blessed to be a part of numerous programs on Waynesburg University’s campus where there is a vibrant Christian community full of learning opportunities.

Olivia Toth

Carmichaels, PA

I am a freshman this year at Waynesburg University and I am pursuing a major in Middle Education-Social Studies with a minor in History. Prior to attending Waynesburg University, I was a student at Carmichaels Area High School.

Through volunteering as a high school student in various educational forms I developed a passion for educating the youth. I plan to participate in the Stover Scholar program as well as the Sunday Book Club. This year I am looking to expand my knowledge in and outside my field, as well as, become more involved on campus and seek new opportunities to enhance my education. I am thankful to be a part of the Stover program and the benefits, opportunities, and positive educational impacts it has on student members at Waynesburg University.

Ethan Lown

Lebanon, PA
Political Science

The Stover Program’s commitments to constitutional studies and moral leadership represent two values that are lifelong pursuits. As a political science and business management student, I will be attending law school following the completion of my undergraduate degree. Through my involvement in the Stover Program and the enrichment opportunities I have been provided, I believe I am prepared to have a success career in the legal field.

The moral leadership component of the Stover Program has challenged me to be a leader athletically on the Men’s Tennis Team and socially as a Student Ambassador. I also serve as President of the Student Senate and President of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee.

Jason Polgar

Follansbee, WV
Political Science

I am a Junior at Waynesburg University, and a student of Political Science and Biblical & Ministry Studies. From the second grade, I have been a follower of Christ. I seek through my program of studies and the Stover Program to prepare for ministry, and to transform the polis to the glory of Christ. The Church has largely lost its cultural witness, and I desire to work towards a future where the Church transforms the world rather than the world distorting the Church.

Kimberly Trump

Fairchance, PA

I am a junior Psychology major with Business Management and Political Science
minors. I attended Albert Gallatin High School, where I was heavily involved in the
theatre and music departments Last year, I had the pleasure of working in the Writing
Center, which I am happily continuing, as well as joining Psi Chi, the International
Honors Society in Psychology.

Through my education and guidance from Waynesburg University and the Stover
Program, 1 hope to find new ways to connect with and help others The Stover Program
has blessed me with experiences that challenge me and expand my thinking while
supporting me in the form of strong relationships and academic accountability. I look
forward to strengthening my faith and friendships alongside this stellar group of

Caroline Poole

Green Castle, PA
Early Childhood Education

I am a junior this year at Waynesburg University and am pursuing a major in Early Childhood Education. Being a Stover Scholar allows me to focus on moral leadership within my field of study, as well as applying the constitution to aspects of life, as we begin transforming the polis. As an Early Childhood Education major, I am beginning my masters’ classes in Instructional studies and Curriculum Design this year, and plan to finish after my undergraduate. This past year at Waynesburg I participated in the Stover program, Sunday night book club, secured a job at the Eberly Library on campus, and have been able to join the Admissions staff and give future students tours of Waynesburg! I am currently a member of the Council of Exceptional Children Club (CEC) on campus, and KDP both of which pair with Educators to further their learning and growth towards their future careers. This year I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and broadening my goals, but also becoming more involved on campus and seeking out new opportunities. I am very blessed by the Stover Program and all the benefits and opportunities it has provided me with thus far.

Anna Rape

Cranberry, PA

My name is Anna Rape, and I am a Junior at Waynesburg University pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Biblical Ministry. I am very thankful to be a part of the Stover Program. We are given many opportunities to learn and hear from gifted leaders. Above all I am a Christ follower. Through this program I have learned much about the constitution and how to be a moral leader, I hope to exemplify Christ through all that I do.

At Waynesburg I work as a Waynesburg University Student Ambassador where I give prospective students tours of the school. I also have the privilege of being a Resident Mentor where I not only make sure that students are safe on campus but also that they are finding good community. This coming year I also will be the Pro-Life club president where I will have the opportunity to serve impoverished women as well as advocate for life. I also am the treasurer of the Student Senate where I get to have civil discourse and discuss what positive changes we can make for our school. I am looking forward to all of the ways I will learn and serve on campus this year.

Tyler Gordon

Strongsville, OH

I would like to start off by saying I am very excited and grateful to be a part of the Stover scholarship! Some interesting things about me are that I love to play and listen to music. I play the guitar, drums, and am trying to learn how to sing. My major is business, and I plan to be ambitious and learn economics throughout my college education. I also someday want to be a missionary, wherever and whenever that may be in my life.  

The academic achievements I have accomplished include graduating with the national honors society. This included serving my church by being on the worship team every Sunday, and serving in my youth group. I have also served at events at my school like giving out food to the homeless in Cleveland, and creating cards for kids with special needs. My extracurricular accomplishments include winning first place in Fine Arts for the Ohio district which I performed a guitar solo.  

Alex Solomon

Morgantown, WV
Political Science

Besides being one of the three Stover Scholars from the South, I have an eye in the arts, and I am on the Waynesburg Golf and Esports Teams. Through this program, I can continue to grow my knowledge in all things constitutional and political with an end goal of “Transforming the Polis” to secure our unalienable rights that are endowed by our creator. “Whenever any form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.” -Thomas Jefferson 

Emily Stutzman

Chambersburg, PA
Criminal Justice & Pre-Law

I am a sophomore Criminal Justice and Political Science major from Chambersburg Pennsylvania. I am Waynesburg University Student Senator, and I play volleyball on the University’s team. As a Stover Scholar I hope to continue to expand my knowledge of politics and faith and work towards mastery of both subjects, as well as inspiring the next generation. The Stover Program has not only provided an abundance of guidance in professionalism, and moral leadership, but also being a part of a group of exceptional individuals has taught me a lot and I am excited to continue growing relationships with them as the years progress. 

Dheaven Kelley

Washington, PA

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