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Stover Scholars Constitution Day Productions

2022 – Expounding the Constitution: The Legacy of McCulloch v. Maryland
2021 – The Rights That Are Ours: The Story of the Bill of Rights
2020 – Is it Part of Our Law?
2019 – Province and Duty: The Legacy of Marbury v. Madison
2018 – Piercing Power: Religious Freedom, Liberty and the Legacy of Pierce v. Society of Sisters
2017 – From Framers to Farmers: The Substantial Effect of Wheat upon the Constitution
2016 – Steeling and Dealing: President Truman’s Seizure of the Steel Mills
2015 – Checks and Balances: Factions, Federalists, and Freedom
2014 – In God We Pray?: Town of Greece, New York v. Galloway et al.
2013 – Constitutionally Condemned: Susette Kelo’s Takings Clause Battle to Keep her Pink House
2012 – Bread, Bakers and the Constitution