District Attorney Fox meets with Stover Scholars

District Attorney Fox meets with Stover Scholars

“There is no wasted time as long as you are doing something!” said Greene County District Attorney Marjorie Fox at a meeting with Waynesburg University Stover Scholars on October 3, 2012. Fox motivated the scholars with her powerful career choice and inspirational personal background.

Fox, a native of Riverdale, New York, was encouraged by her parents to find a meaningful profession for her life. A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Fox worked as a waitress before becoming an assistant in the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service and graduating from University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Fox encouraged the students to always learn something new no matter the situation.

When Fox arrived in Greene County, she knew no one. She was hired part time in the county’s District Attorney’s office where she worked hard and was contentious about her work. After being named District Attorney and winning re-election three times, Fox has a different outlook of her career. Fox stated, “I am no longer an advocate, but an officer of the court of what is right.” She expressed that doing the right thing is not always popular. Scholar Jeremy Hinkle said, “District Attorney gives of herself wholeheartedly and does not let others have an influence over what she knows is right.”

Fox inspired the students to always do their best with the skills they have. She prompted them to go out of their way to help others and to really care about what they are doing in life. “We must be mindful of her assertion that no profession is an easy one,” said scholar Daniel Czajkowski. “If something is worth doing, then it will be a challenge. If one is not challenged by his or her profession, then he or she is not fulfilling his or her potential.”

District Attorney Fox told the scholars that she has three general rules for a balanced life; take care of yourself physically, spiritually and professionally. Stover Scholar Chase Ayers observed, “I found that even though we may not realize it, District Attorney’s three rules are always vying for more attention. Once this balance is achieved in our lives, you are likely to be a more successful and happy person.”

“The attribute I find most amazing about Marjorie Fox is that she is an ordinary woman who has worked her way up through hard work and determination,” said Gina Robinson. Fox concluded, “I am very thankful for what I have and what I do. I love my job. It is my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“As she described her commitment to justice and her perseverance and determination, District Attorney Fox set a good example for the Stover Scholars,” said Dr. Lawrence M. Stratton, Director of the Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership and Assistant Professor of Ethics and Constitutional Law.

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