Profile of Scholars

The Stover Program attracts some exceptional individuals—young people who are able, ambitious, and eager to have a positive impact on the world around them.

Danny Booth

McConnellsburg, PA


“The Stover Program aims to arm the next generation’s leaders with the intellect and skills we need to take a stand for what is right, and I am proud to be apart of it.”

Hannah Colvin

Hagerstown, MD


“Entering the Stover Program, I am eager to open my horizon to all the structures that mold our current political society. In our modern world, Christian values are becoming less and less acknowledged in our politics. Because of this, I appreciate the opportunity to group together to discuss how we can show our Christian morals in our present-day community. As a Nursing student, I find interest in how health care and politics overlap. This opportunity will give me the chance to conduct moral leadership in my career. The Stover Program is giving me the ability to grow in my knowledge, participate in seminars, and meet important government officials. It is exciting to take an active role in Waynesburg’s Stover program and I am grateful for the opportunity.”

Nick Cordova

Youngstown, OH
Political Science
Student Senate President


“The Stover program provides a unique opportunity for students of all majors to meet with policymakers and community leaders. Stover Scholars discuss the challenges and rewards of real world leadership with dignitaries ranging from Supreme Court Justices and US Senators, to members of the clergy, and innovators in the business community. The program also creates a community of students from different backgrounds who share an interest in learning about the complexities of the US Constitution and moral leadership, fostering rich conversation and the sharing of ideas. The combination of emphasis on transformational leadership and focus on teaching students the fundamental debates in American constitutional law make it an undergraduate program without parallel.”

Christine Dawson

Wexford, PA


“In my time as a scholar, the Stover Program has afforded me a plethora of invaluable experiences that have fostered my ongoing development into an active and well-informed citizen.  Chances to spend time with accomplished individuals to hear their experienced words of wisdom and to ask questions are typically few and far between, but the Stover program provides these opportunities very regularly, allowing us to grow intellectually and spiritually.  Each encounter offers profound, practical knowledge that students in all majors of study can apply and benefit from.  Meeting many multi-faceted leaders has taught me that leadership is a servant’s calling which requires perseverance and the selfless fulfillment of one’s God-ordained purpose, and has inspired me to follow in their footsteps.”

T.J. DeNofrio

Altoona, PA


“The Stover Program has granted me a plethora of amazing opportunities that I feel are unattainable elsewhere. The program has equipped me with the tools needed to become a moral leader, and has taught me how to utilize those tools toward changing the polis. It is a truly amazing experience to be surrounded by intelligent individuals in an array of academic fields, knowing that we all aspire toward a common pursuit of positively contributing to society.”

Drew Hreha

North Apollo, PA

“The Stover Program has already had a profound and inspirational impact on my life. When I first learned about the Stover Program, I was moved to not just learn more about the current issues in the world around me, but also to get involved in the active discussions relating to our society today. It is refreshing to see people that truly care about the welfare of our nation and like-minded young adults wrestling with current issues in a positive way. When I first met the Stover Scholars, I was met with an extreme sense of family and comradery I did not expect from a group I had never met. The support given from everyone involved in the program is unmatched in any experience I have ever participated in. I look forward to working with the Stover Program throughout the remainder of my time at Waynesburg University and watching it grow and succeed the way it has with classes before myself.”

Daniel Kephart

Washington, PA
English Literature and History


Nate Kummer

Pittsburgh, PA


Being a part of the Stover Program is truly a blessing.  The experiences I had in the first year alone far surpasses anything I could have expected.  The Stover Program provides an excellent opportunity for its members to grow as leaders.  As a Stover scholar we have the opportunity to speak with an abundance of leaders from many different and extraordinary backgrounds.  Being able to understand how our speakers approach leadership in their lives provides me with invaluable information. The learning from their experiences will help me grow to be a great leader in my community.  

R.J. Leon

Brookfield, OH


“The Stover Scholars Program can be described in one word to me: unparalleled.  Simply, no other program exists across the country that replicates the experiences and values that the Stover Program exemplifies.  With the diverse involvements ranging from meeting prominent political figures like Supreme Court Justices to walking the floor of general operations at a major entity like Crayola, the Stover Program presents opportunities to immerse oneself in any area of study and continue to gain knowledge in different areas to further to become multifaceted in preparation for entering the profession realm. The values the Stover Scholars Program upholds are unmatched because not only does the program concentrate on Constitutional Studies, but it instills the aspect of moral leadership which is so often overlooked.  Truly, the Stover Scholars Program is priming students to enter their professional careers as leaders and transform the landscape the political, social, legal, and business world.”

Holly Ludvigsen

Fremont, NE
Criminal Justice


“To me, the Stover Program is an opportunity for bright students to learn more about the Constitution and the law in a more moral religious setting.  Through guest speakers and unique experiences, the Stover Scholars are taught how to bring their morals and values into the public square.”

Tyler McCoy

Jamestown, OH
History/Political Science


“The Stover Center is an inter-disciplinary, non-partisan scholarship program at Waynesburg University that focuses on law and ethics in our modern world. It comprises of about five students from each class year from an array of majors. Throughout the academic year, the Stover Center engages its students in conversation with each other, and with leaders in our world. In the past the scholars have met with Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Congressmen, bishops, minsters, and businessmen from around the nation and from around the world. Scholars also participate in luncheons, movie nights, dinners, and other events that allow them to engage in serious discussions with each other. Annual events also include a performance of a play, written by Stover Scholars, on Constitution Day, as well classes in which Scholars help Boy Scouts from the local area earn citizenship merit badges. In addition to their Stover Center activities, all scholars are also engaged in other campus organizations, from student government, to academic clubs and societies.”

Katie McGonigal

Wheeling, WV


“The Stover Program helps like-minded students to learn about the Constitution and allows us to grow together as leaders.  Getting to meet with influential businessmen, judges, lawyers, and other influential men and women fosters those of us in the program to aspire to worthwhile causes in the world, no matter our major.  Of more importance to me though, is what we gain by listening to the stories that we are told throughout our meetings.  Often, compassion and empathy are integral in sessions that we attend and helps to further how we think about our own morality.  However, despite how rewarding and valuable our trips are, my favorite part of being a part of the program is the people.”

Vincent Morrow

Waynesburg, PA


The Stover Program is a fellowship of individuals from various backgrounds that offers an opportunity for every member to contribute to answering the fundamental questions that have guided the culture and leadership of this nation ever since its founding. Through the several events we actively participate in from our Constitution Day Play to our Merit Badge Universities to our meetings with the leaders in business, legislation, and the political spheres that define our society; we all have an opportunity to gain priceless knowledge and prepare to fundamentally change the Polis. One of the components of the program that differentiates it from other groups with similar intentions is the fact that everyone strives to maintain objectivity in their contributions to the conversations instead of subjecting themselves to an unjustified emotional appeal. This truly elevates the dialogue from a slanderous debate to an enlightening discussion. George Washington once said “Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation. For it is better to be alone than in bad company.” And on that note, I can truly say that the quality and virtue of individuals associated with this program facilitate the development of a proud reputation that will carry on beyond our years here at Waynesburg University.

Scott Rykala

Johnstown, PA


“Being selected as a member of the Stover program is helping not only me at Waynesburg, but it is preparing me for the world beyond the University. The Stover Center helps turn members into a stronger group of leaders to become a positive influence for the future of our nation.”

Olivia Schultz-Falandes

North Adams, MA
History and Political Science


The Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership is unrivaled in its pursuit of preparing its scholars for ethical leadership in a wide variety of occupations. Its emphasis in drawing from Christianity to promote the transformation of the polis garners it a reputation of being a truly influential institution for political and moral deliberation and discourse. The Stover Center has helped broaden my awareness of the intricate complexities within American society and has provided me the opportunity to engage with numerous leaders, offering one of the greatest opportunities to network with the nation’s leading intellectual minds.

Harrison Scott

Greencastle, PA


“The Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership is an outstanding program that was created to cultivate leaders who live a faithful testimony of leadership, morality and service. It focuses on understanding fundamental Constitutional principles and observing the actions of political leaders, both past and present, and using these experiences to positively impact the present American culture.”

Joanna Scott

Greencastle, PA


“The Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership is an unparalleled opportunity for undergraduate students of diverse majors and life trajectories. They meet with leaders across a variety of fields; from businessmen, to lawyers, to news anchors, to clergymen, to Supreme Court justices; asking real life questions and gleaning invaluable insights for life and leadership, especially regarding Constitutional law and Biblical ethics. They then have the privilege of putting these insights and leadership skills into practice through community service opportunities like teaching Boy Scout merit badge classes and putting on a Constitution Day play each year. I think the most meaningful experience so far during my time as a Stover Scholar was our trip to Allentown, PA, where we hosted a Merit Badge University event at a local church, toured a PBS studio building, and met with one of the vice presidents of Crayola LLC at the Crayola factory.”

Micah Stanko

Clarksville, PA
Political Science


“The Stover Program for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership is a program that inspires and encourages thorough engagement of thoughts and ideas in a range of subject matter. Through the program, one is able to sit down and have an intimate conversation with the great leaders of our time, have good-natured debate with other scholars on a vast array of issues, and provoke thoughtful discourse on constitutional issues within the campus and surrounding community. A perfect example of such outreach is the Constitution Day play. This play provides a way in which those who may not initially have considered themselves “constitutional scholars” see and understand the constitutional issues that have arisen over time in a manner that makes these very issues more relatable and engaging. The Stover Program provides opportunities that are truly extraordinary; for example, meeting Supreme Court justices or simply having lunch with the President of Waynesburg University.”

Elizabeth Trump

Fairchance, PA


“Being a member of The Stover Program has provided me with many extremely unique and meaningful opportunities. Bringing together my passion for ethics and moral leadership with my interest in politics and history, it has allowed me to challenge myself and grow as a member of society, as well as a person. Meeting prestigious individuals who take a stance on moral leadership has allowed me to gain valuable insight on what it looks like to have an important impact in not only our communities, but also our country. The strong leadership of the program, as well as the amazing scholars that make it up have managed to shaped me, and provided me with life-long friendships and role-models. I cannot speak highly enough about the impact that the Stover Program has made on me as a student and a citizen as I continue to navigate through my undergraduate degree towards a future that I now feel more confident to face.”

Ryan Williams

Pittsburgh, PA
Political Science


“The Stover Program will be the most significant stepping stone towards pursuing my career and passion of politics.  As a Stover Scholar, I hope to greatly expand my knowledge and to hear from as many perspectives as possible–while maintaining my core values and beliefs.  I feel as though this program will push me to become a more well-rounded person, both morally and intellectually.”

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